Maria Morrell, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Cell & Developmental Biology, University of Michigan

The goal of our research is to study the potential of neural stem cells for repair
after injury to the central nervous system. Certain regions of the adult brain
contain neural stem cells that have the capability to form all types of neural cells:
neurons (nerve cells), astrocytes (supporting cells) and oligodendrocytes (myelin
forming cells). In this photomicrograph, the spherical cluster of neural stem cells
was stained to identify a protein typically found in astrocytes (red). The nuclei of
the cells have been stained blue.

Bunnie Jordan

This is my interpretation of a micrograph of neural stem cells.
A prism design and a class from the artist Barbara Olson was
my starting point. The techniques I used include fused and
machine appliqué incorporating yarns, organza, netting and

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